Subsea umbilical Risers Flowlines

Design peculiarities ranging from engineering problem that can be replaced with a neat solution to simple needs for more resource and expertise, our independent SURF and pipeline engineers add value by delivering appropriate solutions at every stage of the design and operational life cycle..

  1. Process design
  2. Pipeline sizing
  3. Fluid transfer rates
  4. Process operating conditions
  5. Hydraulic route analysis
  6. Relief system design
  7. Process data sheet preparation
  8. Route selection
  9. Safety, environmental, technical and economic considerations
  10. Pipeline design
  11. On-bottom stability
  12. Free spans
  13. Landfall, crossings, J-tubes and subsea connections
  14. Dropped object and trawling interference
  15. Spool piece and cooling spool design and analysis
  16. Flow assurance and thermal management
  17. Subsea structures design
  18. Protection structures and foundation design
  19. Materials engineering
  20. Materials selection
  21. Corrosion control
  22. Installation engineering
  23. Marine operations
  24. Weather operating envelopes
  25. Pull-in analysis
  26. Riser system analysis
  27. Flexible riser configuration optimisation
  28. Fatigue assessments
  29. Bend stiffener design optimisation
  30. Mid water arch and buoyancy module optimisation
  31. Touchdown protection specification